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This design serving board is to be shared and shown off. Because of the natural material, this Custom Resin Serving Board strong enough to use with a knife and fork without the risk of being punctured or leaked. You can even use them for baking! Our beautiful cutting boards make a unique and memorable gift.

Perfect solution for serving stylish sharing platters, cheese boards, and appetizers. It is also great to decorate your kitchen, bar, living room, bedroom or office, and so on. Our beautiful Serving board is unique and fashionable provides beautiful art crafts for you to decorate your table or desk.

If you've ever had a problem with your cutting board getting deep knife marks, odor residue, and food stains, problem solved! Our Resin Serving Board is naturally resistant to wear and tear, water, odors, mold, and mildew. Keep your favorite cutting and serving boards looking and functioning like new for years to come.